Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Series #1) by Anthony Horowitz


They said Ian Rider was dead, but Alex knows there is something fishy about his death. And when he sees the bullet holes in his Uncles car, his suspicions are confirmed. But no amount of training can prepare him for what he is about to find out and do. Nothing can prepare him to find out that Ian Rider, the Uncle he always thought he knew, was a spy for Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency. Alex suddenly gets himself caught up in the world of spy’s. Suddenly playing a game of cat and mouse with no way out.


This book inspired the movie Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker . This was an extremely good book. It was exciting, packed with action. This book is a sort of a boy’s book. It is about a boy who is a spy. I read it because one of my friends (who is a boy) recommended it to me. I actually thought it was really good. This is a series (8 books in total) and I have read the whole series and I have to say they were all really good. The first one was one of the best because it was like an introduction into a whole new world. One that no one would know of. When I read this book, and all the others, I just got sucked in. They are really good and exciting.

Anthony Horowitz is an excellent writer. His writing makes you want to read more and he makes the characters come alive. I thought I was part of the action. I will definitely read the series again because it was so good. I really hope that you enjoy it too.