Stargate: Atlantis Season 1-5

Joe Flanigan – Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
Rachel Luttrell – Teyla Emmagan
David Hewlett – Dr. Rodney McKay
Jason Momoa – Ronan Dex
Torri Higginson – Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Paul McGillion – Dr. Carson Beckett
Jewel Staite – Dr. Jennifer Keller
Kavan Smith – Major Evan Lorne


Probably one of the best TV shows which I have ever watched. This TV series is exciting, captivating, full of action, bits of love, great acting, and wonderful characters played by wonderful people.

This TV show is about this expedition who goes through this ring called The Stargate – other worlds call it the Ancestral Ring. The Stargate creates a pathway through space (it connects galaxies really) and let people travel to different worlds. What happens is an expedition goes through and finds The Lost City of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. As the series progresses, the expedition comes across many different  races  – some which are bad and other which are  good. They come across the Wraith, the Replicators, and many others.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard is one of the main characters in the TV show. He is second in command on Atlantis. Sheppard then has Teyla who they picked up on another world and she volunteered to stay with them. She is a warrior and fights alongside John. Dr. Rodney McKay is the genius on Atlantis. He does all of the tough work and he works best when death is imminent. Ronan Dex comes later but he is one of the best fighters. He is not afraid of anything and he will take down anything too. He has this awesome gun which is his baby (in a sense.) There is Dr. Elizabeth Weir who is the commander of the base but she stays on base the majority of the time. Dr. Carson Beckett is the doctor on the base. He has a slight sense of humor and he is kind to anyone who comes to him. Dr. Jennifer Keller comes much later in the series and she is a doctor also. There is Major Evan Lorne who also comes later and he is just under John Sheppard in military ranking.

This is a must watch TV show. It is for people over the age of 14 really because there is some violence. The wraith do yucky stuff there is quite a lot of fighting. Every episode has someone either hurt, bad guys killed, or something of that nature. I hope that you will check it out as it is amazing. I am just so sad that they stopped at season 5. I hope that they continue the story some time sooner or later but they probably won’t.

Please check it out and tell me what you think.

Unfortunately I could not find a suitable trailer which is the official so you will have to just watch it. I hope you enjoy.