Spy High

Mission 1

by A. J. Butcher


****Deveraux Academy is not what it seems. The football team practicing beside the ivy-covered dormitory is merely a hologram, and the elderly receptionist could break your neck in three seconds flat. Deveraux’s students rarely call the school by its proper name. They call it spy high.

Ordinarily, the students had-picked by Senior Tutor Elemore Grant are flawless, but his latest creation, Bond Team, is falling short of expectations. When personally clashes between elected leader Benjamin T. Stanton Jr. and farmer’s son Jake Daly threaten to torpedo the group’s changes at completing the academy’s rigorous virtual reality training program. Grant decides Bond Team need a bonding experience. Suddenly, there’s nothing virtual about the danger that Ben, jake, and the rest of the Bond Team find themselves facing. This time failure won’t simply result in expulsion from school and the purging of their memories. This time, failure will result in death.

****This summary is the summary from the book.


This book was ok because it was annoying. In about the middle of the book, it was kind of like an old person was talking on for a really long time. I actually think I skimmed that part of the book. The other complaint about that book that I have are the people. The descriptions of the characters are not very good. They are vague. They were so vague that in the beginning of the book I thought the characters were little children. In 5 or 6th grade. I know that the title is Spy High but since the descriptions were so obscure, I just kept thinking they were these little kids fighting these really mean and big people. Even at the end of the book there was a sense of uncertainty because they did not drill the descriptions of the characters into your head. They gave their personality and what they did in the school of Spy High and what they were good at and why they were chosen to go to the school but not enough about what they looked like and were. For all I know they could be aliens from outer space with tentacles were their eyes should be. I felt that the book had a sense of confusion to it. The people were one thing but they were imaged as something else.  This was an ok book but I am going to read the whole series because I want to read it and find out what happens in the end. I personally thought it was an average book. Kind of like any other book you would find on a shelf.