Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)


Kristen Stewart – Snow White
Chris Hemsworth – The Huntsman
Charlize Theron – Ravenna
Sam Clafin – William


Definitely not your average retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale, Snow White and the Huntsman is a dark, action-fantasy film that’s based more on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale than the well-known Disney version of the story. It features intriguing concepts, impressive special effects, and some disappointingly lackluster acting. The essence of the “Snow White” story is preserved in this recounting: the queen’s beautiful daughter Snow White, who is heir to the throne, is displaced and persecuted by an evil stepmother after her mother dies. Here, the evil stepmother Ravenna possesses a disturbing power to maintain her own perpetual youth by stealing youthfulness from the hearts of the young and beautiful, but her magic mirror warns that Snow White’s innocence and purity as she comes of age will destroy Ravenna’s chance at immortality. When Snow White escapes from the castle prison, Ravenna hires a downtrodden Huntsman to bring her back so that Ravenna can steal her youth and achieve personal immortality. But Snow White runs into a dark and sinister forest where mushrooms disperse hallucinogenic spores, trees come to life, flocks of bats spring from inanimate objects, and dwarves lurk in the shadows. The roles of the seven dwarves and the Huntsman in this version of the story prove to be quite different from the original, but what remain steadfast are Snow White’s inner strength and absolute goodness, and her stepmother’s innate evilness. This film is full of fascinating imagery that’s brought to life through powerful special effects, great costuming, and captivating cinematography–the scenes in the dark forest and the fairy-filled wilderness beyond are reason enough to see it. Unfortunately, the story moves a bit slowly and the acting by Kristen Stewart (Snow White) and Chris Hemsworth (Huntsman) is rather stoical and passionless and lacks chemistry, though Charlize Theron does stand out as a particularly disturbing Ravenna.

-From by Tami Horiuchi


Well, if you want the classic story of Snow White, this really is not it. But if you want the plot of Snow White with a little bit of Hollywood mixed in, then this is the movie for you.

It follows Snow White’s story with a bit of extra, umph, put into it.

I thought Kristen was a very good actor to put as Snow White. She played the part quite well and I was impressed as I feel that this character fit her well. I thought she was going to be too, Kristen Stewart, and she did have a few of those moments, but otherwise she was really good.  Chris was a good part as the Huntsman as he was this big, burly guy, who was a little unsure. He acted the part of the Huntsman really well. They also let him keep his natural accent which was really great. Charlize I also thought played her role well. I had never heard of her and when I first saw her in the first scene she was in, I was skeptical that it would work. She is an extremely beautiful actress and I just felt it was not going to work at all. But when the time came for her to be evil, she was really good. She has one of those types of faces that can be extremely gentle and the next can make you cower with fear.

The CGI’s were also really good. My favorite part of the entire movie was in the Sanctuary. The colors were vibrant and it was just so beautiful. I thought that that was the best but you have to see it to see for yourselves.

The movie did have many good moments with the acting and the CGI’s, but it also did have some bad moments. The ending was really weak in my opinion. It was building and building and building, and then it just, bang, it was terrible. I also thought that there was going to be more romance between Snow White and the Huntsman but nothing really ever happened. There was also so many un-answered questions so hopefully there will be a sequel as there could be a follow-up movie to answer some questions and show the love between Snow White and the Huntsman.

I also disliked how they gave Kristen Stewart a fake British accent. She kept slipping in and out of it and I feel that that was a bad idea on the directors part.

Overall I believe that this is a good movie to see. Maybe not worth buying, but something to go and see once or twice at the movie theater or borrowing it from your local library.

Hope that you enjoy.