So I’m trying a technique which I’ve been reading a lot about. It’s apparently a great way to connect with readers and so it’s time to find out. This is more of a social experiment for myself but who knows. Maybe it’ll be awesome and take off.

So MyLibraryCardWoreOut has just hit Snapchat! I have always been very active on my personal Snapchat and I was thinking of what I could do with a Snapchat for my blog! Post about upcoming interviews, book reviews, book related things I’m doing and blog related things I’m doing as well.

Maybe it won’t turn out fantastically and maybe I’ll decide that it doesn’t work for this blog but I’m going to give it a shot.

So, you can find me on Snapchat under mlcwo or just scan the code below!

I don’t know how often I’ll post, as as I said this is kind of an experiment and it may fall apart, but I’ll do my best to be active and just see what happens to bear with me on this. If I get a bunch of followers and a lot of love for it, I’ll keep at it. If not, then I’ll keep to the old ways.

Gosh you kids and your technology! xD

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