A James Bond Adventure
by Charlie Higson


SilverFin is an idea.
SliverFin is dangerous.
SilverFin is soon.

Lord Hellbore is hungry for power and he will stop at nothing to get it. He will kill, he will lie, and he will cheat. He does not care for his wife, son or brother. So much so that Lord Hellbore…

Does some gruesome tests on his own brother.
Divorces his wife and will not let his son see her.
And tries to kill his own son.

If this man is not stopped, the world will be under his command. But is there anything anyone can do?????

But unfortunately for him there is one boy who is getting in his way. Bond, James Bond.


OK. This book was pretty good. There are a couple of complaints that I have about it though. It was really gruesome. Somethings that were talked about were done so in great detail. The book was good in a sense of the story line but it was inappropriate.  The reading was easy enough but I would say the content was for either a mature teenager or an adult. This book was definitely not suitable for younger readers – or the squeamish. I would recommend this book for people over the age of 15.  I will not say some of the things described but all I will tell you is that this book was gory, violent, disturbing, and inappropriate. Also if you know the regular James Bond, this is not like it at all. There is nothing about 007, and he does not drive fast cars. He is just a school boy who is trying to stop some mean man and nearly gets killed along the way. The only resemblance that I see with this book to Ian Flemming books was that he was trying to save the world, and he nearly got killed. Otherwise it was just a story with a boy named Bond, James Bond.