“Sex in Books: My Pet Peeves!”

Now this post you HAVE to check out, but view discretion is advised! Bad language used.

As an older teen, about to leave the YA years, we branch out to romance novels (well girls do). Romance is a very GENERAL title. You have the regular mushy stuff which is harmless where the guy meets the girl, they fall in love, buy a house, and then happily ever after. But then you have a specific genre, mostly for adults, titled erotica. Unfortunately it seems that most books in Barnes and Nobles romance section…classify as this.

Ya’ know, what does it take to get a decent romance novel around here?

It’s just sex, sex, sex. And very graphic sex at that. Not saying all the writing is bad, but readers usually want something MORE than that.

And Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed went on a rant about this and kudos to her. I have had the same issues and annoyances that she has had due to reading erotica…sorry, “romance” novels, and I am so glad that she voiced them. I thought it was just me! Thank god I’m not the only one that wants something more than just “getting it on” with the typical firefighter or soldier.

So have a look-see at her rant (once again, viewer discretion is advised!) and let me know if you believe the same thing that I do. And while you’re at it, check her blog out because, honestly, I love it and am so happy I stumbled across it.

So comments? Thoughts? Opinions? We can’t be the only two who get annoyed by this. Let me know.

Until next time, happy reading!