September 28 Is National Poetry Day

September 28 Is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom. A day designated to enjoy, discover and share poetry. Readers in the United States and other points around the glove  can enjoy it too, just from a distance.

How better to enjoy the change of seasons and the move to the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness than with some poetry

National Poetry Day is “an initiative of the Forward Arts Foundation, a charity that celebrates excellence in poetry and widens its audience.” As a joy for a rare few poetry suffers from so many pre-conceived Ideas that spreading awareness and appreciation is a great idea.  The National Poetry Day website is full of information, suggestions and ideas to jump start your connection with poetry. This year’s theme is FREEDOM. and with poems by Emily Bronte,  Rosa Parks, William Blake and so many other great writers readers will surely find something new to inspire them.

And pop over to Penguin to their Poetry Prescription where you can answer a few questions and you are prescribed a poem to lift you up and make you feel better,