School Rant

It’s that time of the year.

School has started or is about to start (as it is for me) so it’s time to get the supplies (if you already haven’t) and get those school text books/books.

Go online and order the books you need for your classes and—wait…what is this?

No books to order from B&N or Amazon?

So we aren’t reading any books you ask.

No. You’re reading. But it’s online.

Your eyes widen, your heart races, the panic sets in. What will you do with no book to hold in your hands? To underline? To caress? To love? Oh yes, you will miss dragging those 200 pounds of books around.

Your friends.

Those dog-eared books that have scribbles and drawings in the corners from your boredom in class. But don’t fret. You have a new friend; a magical code which unlocks a portal to the unknown.

Yea….that won’t do. And it won’t do for me.

Schools apparently think that lugging books around doesn’t work anymore. It has to be all online. And yes, while that may be more convenient, I like holding a book. I mean you should see my Scarlet Letter, it has drawings of things in the book, things underlined, highlighted, circles, definitions, notes, bent edges; it’s beautiful @.@!!!!!

But now they expect you to do it all online. I mean come on….HOW DO YOU HIGHLIGHT ONLINE? I like my books. No, scratch that. I LOVE my books ❤.❤ I need them.

And then the school decides to go all technologically advanced. Well excuseeeeeee me for liking holding a book. Screw online text books, I’m going to go and buy all these books and be weird. >She would turn and walk away to the nearest B&N, buying out the entire story for books she needed.<

Yes, I like old-fashioned.

Does anyone else agree with me on this? Online may be easier to carry, but having a book…it just makes learning the material easier. And everything is about learning, not making your life easier.

Well…rant over. Until then, happy reading…online x.x