Santa’s Snow Cat by Sue Stainton Illustrations by Anne Mortimer


‘Santas big mittens tried to catch her. The North Wind tried to cushion her. The Lemon Moon closed his eyes. But the Snow Cat still fell- tumbling, twisting, and tuning toward the lights below. The North Wind carried Santa’s word down to her: “Snow Cat, Snow Cat, my favorite cat, I will find you!”‘

After finding many nearly Santa’s, Snow Cat gives up looking. Is Santa really looking for me, where is he.


This is a very nice book to read the night before christmas. The illustrations are lovely. The cat looks like a real cat and Santa looks like a real person. Sue Stainton created a heartwarming story and Anne Mortimer created some very real life drawings to compliment the story. This book is something that every young child will love. It would also make a very good Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas!!!!!