San Andreas (2015)

San Andreas movie poster


Dwayne Johnson – Raymond Gaines
Carla Gugino – Emma Gaines
Alexandra Daddario – Blake Gaines
Ioan Gruffudd – Daniel Riddick


The San Andreas fault line is over 100 years overdue, so when a 9+ magnitude quake hits, disaster strikes. Following a rescue helicopter pilot and his estranged wife, they make a daring journey into the heart of San Francisco to save their only daughter while the world around them splits in two. Literally.


Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to like this movie, only because I really dislike disaster movies. And yes, while I did get extremely stressed, I absolutely loved it! I am a little biased as I love The Rock in all of his movies so I already had a positive kind of feeling towards the movies but I didn’t think that I would enjoy it as much as I did.

It was quite realistic without making it completely over the top like some of these disaster movies, like 2012 and stuff like that.

The graphics in the movie were also fantastic. It looked realistic which is the reason it made it so stressful to me and made me worry because of how this may eventually occur.

An image of the tsunami and the Golden Gate Bridge from San Andreas

Not only was there a massive earthquake of about a 9.6, but there was also a MASSIVE tsunami which just seemed to do everyone over. And just watching all of this take place, as well as seeing the damage which all of it incurred was just a little nail-biting. Well, not a little…extremely.

The only thing which I didn’t really like in the movie was how clear it was in certain parts. There were two 9 magnitude earthquakes within the movie and you were never clear which was the big one and if more were to come. Without giving anything away, the set up made it seem like part of California was going to separate when the earthquakes hit their full force. And it didn’t do that but it just incurred a lot of damage and death.

The acting in the movie was really good as well. Dwayne Johnson always has been a good actor, whether it was in Tooth Fairy, the Fast and Furious movies, or Journey 2, he always is such a great actor. From being a badass to being someone who kids can just love. I don’t know how someone cannot love him! It was also great to see Dwayne and Carla in another movie together after Race to Witch Mountain. It was kinda funny seeing the two acting side by side again in a movie of a completely different nature and I kept thinking back to their old movie. In addition to that, seeing Alexandra kicking butt again and being such a smart young woman, like she is in Percy Jackson, was fantastic!

Overall this was a fantastic movie! It fit the PG-13 rating very well, with not too much cursing (only one F-bomb) and no sex of any kind which is a nice change from regular movies.

I do definitely suggest checking this one out. I can understand why the rating weren’t higher¬†because of certain parts of the¬†story, but on my personal level, it had fantastic visual effects, the music was really good, and the acting was fantastic as well. This is definitely a movie that I would suggest.

So happy watching and enjoy!