• Kevin Costner – Robin Hood
  • Morgan Freeman – Azeem
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio – Marian Dubois
  • Christian Slater – Will Scarlet
  • Alan Rickman – George: Sherif of Nottingham


After being captured by Turks and being held captive, Robin of Locksley and two other men ( a friend and a Moor name Azeem) escape. Azeem then swears that he will stay by Robins side until he has fulfilled his vow of saving Robins life (because Robin saved his.) Meanwhile, Robins father, Lord Locksley, was murdered by the Sherif of Nottingham and when Robin finds out, he and Azeem with Duncan, found at Robins castle, make their way to the woods, where they meet some outlaws. With the help of these men he tries to take back the bad that the Sherif has spread and win the heart of his love.


If you want a little action set in historical times, or to see how Robin Hood is portrayed (in a realistic sense) then this would be a good Saturday night movie. It was  little gory in some parts, and there was a lot of violence. People got run through with swords, people were hung, people were burned too. You get the picture. There were a lot of intense things going on so I would recommend not watching it unless you are 13.

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Rating – PG-13

Violence: Gory sword fights, hangings, firebombing of villages, basic medieval graphic violence.

Sex: Sexual Content (parents advised. For more information go to and type in Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves)

Drinking, Drugs & Smoking: Friar Tuck is an alcoholic, praises beer more than God.

Also there is a part where you see Robin Hoods bare bottom.

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