Resist The Change: E-Books

While I recognize the convenience about e-books – while they fit on your phone or tablet, and you can carry around an entire library in your pocket versus having to lug it all around – I truly believe that hard books are the way to go.

Now of course, if you want that fluff romance book that is 99 cents then go for it because why pay $3 when you will probably read it once.

However if it is a book that you want to re-read or a bigger book with a more complex story, then purchasing it is the way to go. Just think, if you pick up a hard book when you are older that you read when you were younger, you have memories associated with the book; that coffee stain from when you had that snow day 30 years ago, the crinkled pages from crying over a specific chapter, the smell of cooking that may linger in the pages to this day.

You can’t have any of this with an e-book. Sure you still have the story, but you don’t have the pages of memories. Just like elephants, books always remember.

Library bookcase

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