Red Riding Hood


Amanda Seyfried – Valerie
Gary Oldman – Solomen
Billy Burke – Cesaire
Shiloh Fernandez – Peter
Max Irons – Henry

Woah. Woah. Woah. Hold up. This movie is PG-13? Uh, check the rating again please. This movie was not ok for 13 year olds at all. This was a movie for 16 year old’s. ┬áThe movie was quite steamy in some places (parents I am sure you know what I mean) and there was quite a lot of blood.

There was the love scene between Valerie and Peter. That was ok. But for 16 year olds. Not 13-year-old. There was also chopping off of hands, stabbing, and crunching of bones – everything yucky. Also at the end it was hinted at that the wolf had turned grandma into a stew and Valerie was eating the stew. Uhhh. Disgusting.

The movie overall was a good storyline, good acting, and everything, but I feel that it was a little too gruesome in some parts.

Valerie, played by Amanda Seyfried was the beauty of the town. She was to be married to Henry. But as all love stories go, she loved someone else. This story was touching to see how Henry tried to get her to love him but saw that Peter was still winning.

Please also check out ‘s review of this movie. It will give you a better understanding of what happened.

Check the movie out and see what you think.