Ready, Steady, Cook

I know that I am a book blog so you might be wondering why I am showing food. Well, recipes come from books so it does pertain to books. This little recipe is a Lemonade recipe. You probably all know how to make it.


Yes, yes, yes and no. You have to have the correct ratio of water to lemon juice. And the correct ratio of lemon juice to sugar.

So here is a little recipe from Sweet Treats from William-Sonoma “25 Delicious Recipes That Kids Can Cook.

I absolutely love this book because it shows the original recipe and most of the recipe’s also have another page with variations of it. It is a lot of fun this book and there are probably over 50 recipes because of all the variations.

This recipe is from page 111.


There are different types of cover for this book. Just so you know.

So here is the recipe.

Fresh Lemonade

Step 1: Prepare your Ingredients and Tools

You need 8 or 9 large lemons
1 cup of sugar
5 cups of cold water
and Ice (optional)


Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board and sharp knife
Citrus Juicer
Wide mouthed pitcher
Wooden Spoon

I used 5 extremely large lemons and I got more than enough juice.
Also be light on the sugar because it can become very sweet. Less is more and it is easier to add sugar than to take it away.

Step 2: Juice the Lemons
*Make sure and adult is near by
because you need to use a sharp knife to cut the lemons.

Hold each lemon on its side on the cutting board, cut the lemons in half with the knife. Twist each lemon half over the cone of the juicer. Pick out any seeds. Measure out 1 cup lemon juice and pour it into the pitcher.

Step 3: Sweeten the Juice

Add the sugar to the lemon juice and, using the wooden spoon,stir until the sugar is dissolved. This will take a couple of minutes, so keep stirring.

Step 4: Add the Water

Add the water and keep stirring until everything looks like it is blended.

Step 5: Add the ice

Add the ice if you were going to. You then can wait a couple of minutes and then serve it and it will be cold. Or you can just put it in the refrigerator for 30 min and it will be cold. Then serve right away.

The finished product.