Ready or Not? by Tina Radziszewicz

A girl’s guide to making her own decisions about dating, love, and sex.

Book cover Ready or Not? by Tina Radziszewicz
Ready or Not? by Tina Radziszewicz


“So many questions…so hard to actually ask them! Finding the right moment – not to mention the right person – to ask can be a nightmare.

Well, look no further!

This essential guide tells you everything you need to know about your body, his body, what boys say (and what they actually mean), virginity, dating, contraception, STDs, pregnancy – and more.

Taking a relationship further is a huge step, and it’s essential to know all the facts before making any decisions. Packed with friendly advice, quizzes, and practical information, this book is your ultimate guide to making the best choice for you!”

-From the back cover


Every teenage girl has questions about her body, about sexuality, and everything that goes with it. And it’s not like they have 16 years to grow up to get there and have many years of parental experience and advice to guide them. With 10 year olds, or younger, being in relationships and/or having sex, parents don’t really have the conversations with their kids. I mean what parent wants to talk with their 10 year old about sex? What parent really wants to talk to their kid about sex at all? Sex is a conversation, and topic, which is prevalent in society. Everything in society is sexualized, whether it be clothing, music, or movies. Yet when someone tries to have a conversation about sex, everything dies and people try and change the topic as fast as they can, or they dance around it with words like “when you do it” or “you know…”.

No one wants to spit it out, get to the point and get it done with. But, this book really does do that. The author doesn’t mince her words and she doesn’t dance around the topic. She breaks it up into organized sections and then sub sections after that and covers the topic with the information needed, and moves on. Tina talks about everything which makes us uncomfortable from the mysterious self-gratification to self-pleasure (not using the crude terms incase there are young ones) and beyond. She covers literally everything that no parent really wants to cover with their child. And this book tells you the risks of everything as well.

Honestly, if you are a parent and slightly uncomfortable starting the conversation off with your kid, this is a great place to start. While I do recommend it for 16 and older, as there are things in here that a younger child probably doesn’t know or shouldn’t know, it’s still useful as a starting place.

Overall I do really suggest checking this out. It’s a great self-help book for teens and a great place for parents to start off as well.

Enjoy reading.