Reading Update

Just wanted to do a quick update.

Yes, I am still reading Shōgun by James Clavell so my ‘currently reading’ is up to date. It is a massive book and with my course load, finding time that you can get through a nice chunk of the book is becoming increasingly difficult. I’m slowly finding more time to read it between my course work readings and the precious hours of sleep that I have and my goal is to try and complete it over Christmas vacation.

Because that is the only time I will have no homework (except studying Spanish and Japanese so I don’t become stupid) ^.^

And unfortunately, unlike in other years, my English class readings haven’t been to an interesting quality as they aren’t actual books but excerpts of readings. Apparently colleges never let you read entire books except the one that you read over the summer, which is kind of sad.

So we shall see. I do have a few books which I’m working on at the moment and hope to be able to fly through with my spare time.

If any of you out there have some book suggestions that aren’t terribly meaty and that I’d be able to read in a short period of time, feel free to suggest because I do miss reading but I don’t have time to commit to a massive book. Any suggestions are welcome.

Happy reading to all!!