Poetry Where You Least Expect It

It is National Poetry Month, the month long celebration of written things that don’t actually run on to the end of the line. (Sorry poets, this is a very poor description!) And it is sad to say that unless you deliberately search for it online you won’t know it was happening. You don’t really see it anywhere. Is anyone paying any attention to it? Probably Shakespeare’s big anniversary overshadowed it.

Like green vegetables to children poetry is most often an acquired taste. Not found too often, requiring focus and often some hard work we tend to avoid it. Unless you are a language purist who finds tight phrases and thoughtful pauses to your liking. However, poetry does lurk in some places where you least expect it. Have you watched a movie lately?

Poems are often hiding in movies. Either in a story about a poet or writer, as a side character or to add heightened drama in a special moment. They are there, and the choice of poems are often surprising and exciting. For the last few days of April let’s take a look at some poems that are hiding in the movies.

If you want a selection of movies about poets or with poetry as a main theme Poets.org has a great list to start with. Of course it includes “Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams playing a passion fueled teacher lighting up the young men in his class.


“Four Weddings And A Funeral” a light hearted look at a group of friends and relationships has the deeply moving “Funeral Blues” by  W H Auden – a poem that sent more people to bookstores  than imaginable after hearing it in the movie.

If you really want to exhaust the topic MUBI has, what must be the most extensive list which is perfect for a rainy day, or total immersion. Go check out a couple…..you might something you love.