Poetry Month ~ Last Gasp

Poetry, poetry everywhere
Does it always have to rhyme?
No, say the English teachers
Without it you’ll be fine.

Oops, sorry. With reading so much poetry it is difficult not to slip into it occasionally. Only a few more days are left of April and while you know that you can read poetry whenever you want, somehow it just doesn’t seem to happen so much unless it’s April. So use the last few days to rekindle your love of rhyming verse, sonnets, haiku or even limmericks. In case you are stuck for ideas for yourself of some stubborn young person you know Penguin books has some useful suggestions on what to read. Here.¬†And check out a really cute kid friendly poem they have linked to (which being the useful blogger I am will save you the effort – Here).

So hurry, hurry, hurry
Read some poems now
Rhyming words and couplets
As April leaves……so do they!


Who said it has to rhyme?