Book Review: Pink Slips by Beth Aldrich

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Book Review: Pink Slips by Beth AldrichRating: 4/5 teacups


“This gripping and emotional debut novel, Pink Slips, tells a spine- tingling and harrowing story of survival, friendship, doggedness, and love. The inimitable power of the relationship between Betsy Ryan and her beloved dog, Barney, gives this suspense thriller soft spots to counter the uncertainty and intense action.

Betsy Ryan is pregnant with her third child, and receiving threatening notes from an anonymous person. During what should be a joyful time in her life, she’s forced to face a decade old memory, and relive one of the most devastating nights of her life. In order to uncover the mystery behind the threats, she enlists the help of an unlikely, but oddly reliable source, her dog Barney. As the menacing notes continue to arrive, her husband is called out of town for work, and she struggles to keep her composure while shielding her two young sons from danger. She trusts no one except her parents, best friend Misty, and her extraordinary dog—who has proven to literally understand everything she says. Is this person out to harm her? And how do they have so much personal information about Betsy? She can’t help but think it’s the same person who attacked her at the train station almost a decade ago, and changed the course of her life forever. To save herself and her unborn child—Betsy must face her fears and find her strength, to reveal who is after her and most importantly…why.”



I was sent this book by the wonderful Beth Aldrich and I’m so glad that I received a copy as it was a really good book. This is the second crime/thriller kind of book that I have received recently and I’m really loving the genre. It’s kind of like a TV show turned into a book.

Page turner!
This book kept me wanting to read more and I finished it in one reading (about 4-5 hours or so). It was not a difficult read, but I’m not saying that the language was simple either. It was just so fast paced that it kept me wanting to read it and find out what happened! It always is good when a book keeps you hooked and this one certainly kept me hooked.

Pregnant main character – different!
As for the main character, Betsy Ryan, she was quite interesting. First of all, she was pregnant during the whole ordeal which was so  different. Not many times is there a pregnant character in a book, especially when there’s a stalker following her and her kids and trying to kill them all! It was just another element of ‘stress’that added to the story.

Was like a crime drama episode.
Since the story was almost written like a TV episode, some people don’t like those kind of books. But I don’t generally read books that are like that and I liked the change. It was something new! So if you’re looking for a really deep book, this may not be the one for the moment, but it’s still a quick read and really enjoyable!

Overall I did really enjoy this book. It was fast paced, kept me wanting to know what was going to happen, and kept you guessing until the very end! I highly do suggest giving it a read, grab your copy HERE, and I hope that you enjoy. I know that I did!! So for that reason, I give it a 4 out of 5 tea cup rating!

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Happy Reading!

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