Personal Success

Success comes in my shapes and sizes. It can be anything from getting your dream job to finishing that book that was on your list for ages (that was definitely the book that took me forever to finish, Shogun).

Whatever it may be, starting small will boost your confidence versus giving yourself something you wish to attain that is extremely difficult to reach. I like lots of little successes that lead to a big success in the end than a single success which takes a long time to complete.

So an example of that could be instead of completing 12 books in a year or something like that and having to wait until I reach that goal, I will read 1 book a month at least for a smaller personal success that will lead to something bigger. With homework, instead of completing all of my homework, I’ll set my goal to be one full assignment in a few hours and as the small successes pile up, the bigger success of completing all my tasks comes to me.

So this post isn’t a rant, just advice. Set smaller goals which may be smaller successes, but they keep  you motivated. If you set a goal of a new job, set smaller steps like getting a nice suit, finishing the resume and with each ‘success’ you will feel better and feel that you can do it.

And no matter what, don’t ever give up. One failed success doesn’t mean you failed totally. It’s just a bump in the road.

As Dory said in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming!”

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