Percy Jackson!!! Percy Jackson and The Olympians ~ The Lightening Thief ~ Movie Review

Percy Jackson!!!!!! The waiting and anticipation is over. Percy Jackson and The Olympians is here and I went to see.  In the interest of my blog and my readers  I went to see this movie to review it for you. And here are my thoughts about it.

The movie was really good, and it was entertaining. It flowed well. The characters were portrayed well and the movie stuck quite close to the book. The scenery was done well and the mythological creatures were pretty realistic.

If you had not read the book it would have been much better because they missed out a lot of key things. Some of them were the Oracle, this was completely missed out. The underworld was not portrayed correctly. In the book it was said there was a section of everlasting torture, a section for just regular people, and a section for the really good people (like saints) where you would have one big party. The underworld in the movie was just like one big torture chamber. It was not correctly done. Also, Hades (God of the Underworld) was not portrayed correctly either because he always kept to his word. Though he is mean, he ALWAYS keeps his promises. In the movie he did not keep it. I think the movie was really good and I would definitely watch it again but it is better if you do not read the book first because things are changed around. A lot.

This movie is rated PG but after watching it I think that this movie was definitely not PG. Common Sense Media (where I check movies) said that it was for 11 year olds and up (the link will take you to the review).  I completely agree with it because of the violence. For the violence, they said (Common Sense Media)…..

“Battles with some mythological monsters are quite frightening. Some creatures are also demonic-looking — like a gruesome fury, a giant Hades with skeletal wings coming out of a campfire, and scores of tormented fiery souls. Others are just large and violent, like a minotaur and a hydra with many snapping, fire-breathing heads. Medusa’s head of snakes is severed and carted around. A car is thrown, limbs are hacked by swords, and two characters — one monster, one human — are impaled violently. There’s lots of fighting amongst campers, with some blood (though Percy magically heals in water).”

I always look through their comments and I found this one comment by a 10 year old reviewer from Pennsylvania who said…..

“I loved the series, so my mom took me and my cousin out to see the movie. The movie was awesome too, but I couldn’t believe that it was only PG! It is definitley inappropriate and very scary, but very good. They took some of the parts from the book out of the movie, but I still loved it.”

What the reviewer said summed it up. It was inappropriate and very scary. I completely agree with this reviewer.

The movie is a YES to watch again, but since I read the book, it made the movie slightly less enjoyable. I think that many people would like to watch it but it might help to know that if you do not like a lot of violence and/or grusome stuff this is not for you (even though it is PG.) Hope that you enjoy the movie.

Click here to go to see Common Sense Medias website. Great and kid safe.