Patriarch Run by Benjamin Dancer

Patriarch Run by Benjamin DancerSummary

Nine years ago, Jack Erikson was deployed to China to protect the United States from a cyberattack. Now, suffering from a drug-induced amnesia, he is unable to recognize his own son. What Jack knows for sure is that an elite group of operators is determined to kill him.

What he does not yet remember is that he controls a cyber weapon powerful enough to return human civilization to the Stone Age. If Jack lives long enough to piece together his mission and his identity, he will be forced to choose between the fate of humankind and that of his own family.



Unfortunately I really didn’t enjoy this book and due to time commitments I wasn’t able to finish the book. While this book does have a decent about of good reviews on Amazon, it really didn’t hook me and make me want to continue to read the book. Now let me make a disclaimer before I continue to review.

This is more of an adult novel and I understand that adult novels are not as fast paced as Young Adult novels, so in that aspect it was okay, but due to my personal time span that I can dedicate to a book to make a review based on authors requests, I need a book to catch my attention in a short-ish time span and help me get a good picture of what this book is.

I had a hard time figuring out just what was going on as it jumps around a lot between different characters and I struggled to figure out who was who and where they were and what was even going on.

The idea behind the entire book is definitely an interesting one, and based on the summary it really had me interested, but after starting the book, I had a hard time really getting into the book and find the motivation to finish reading it. I couldn’t find time to just sit down and read a large chunk so I struggled to get back into it every time I wanted to read it, and even when I did once find a period of time that I could read a chunk, I didn’t really GET into the reading like in other books where I could fly through it. I spent so much time understanding who’s point of view it was being written from that I stopped paying attention to the story and would have to go back. I did have a PDF version on my iPhone sent from the publisher so it was quite hard at times to figure out where a chapter ended to know that the voice would be changing to a different character, so it may be different if you purchase an actual copy.

But, it does have a lot of good reviews, as I said, on amazon so please don’t base your purchasing of this book just based off me. I’m sure many of the reviews were written by adults who find this as their kind of book. But as a young adult, this didn’t fit into my personal kind of reading category and I didn’t really enjoy it.

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