Parker by Richard Stark


“After a bank heist gone awry, Parker hobnobs with excessively moneyed citizens of West Palm Beach while impersonating a Texan oilman looking to buy property. The true object of his affection is a $12 million stash of jewels that he aims to steal from under the noses of a hundred socialites, a hit man, and six other thieves who have an unhealthy love of explosions. When things turn sour, Parker finds himself shot and trapped – and forced to rely on a civilian to survive.

Now a major motion picture starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, Parker is Richard Stark’s beloved antihero at his best: ruthless, violent, and performing his job with deadly panache.”

-From back flap of book


This was quite an interesting book. A little different then I thought it was going to be, but enjoyable non the less.

I probably would have never picked this book up had it not been for the fact that the movie version of it has just come out and I wanted to see it.

Parker was initially called Flashfire but it was changed when the movie was created.

Richard Stark apparently did an entire Parker series which I may or may not read, but this book is like the 12 in the series or something. This series does not seem to have to be read in order to understand this book. I read it and understood it perfectly fine.

This book did have some curse words in it. The S word was used constantly and there was a few F words dropped here and there, usually by the criminals when they were mad or getting really excited (:/ )

I don’t really know anything about the movie except what I saw in the trailer and it looks like it will stay pretty close to the book. I would say reading the book first as it did come before the movie.

This book will most likely be found on Barnes & Nobels new mystery shelf as they have brought it back to life.

Check this book out and let me know what you think🙂