Pandora Gets Jealous by Carolyn Hennesy


All the evils of the world were in the box. The box that Zeus trusted with Pandoras father Prometheus who was immortal. But since her father had told her about it and showed her where it was kept, Pandora decided to take it to school for a presentation. And when she said “All of the evils are in this box.” Nobody believed her. The things that were in the box were Jealousy, Vanity and five other horrible plagues including Fear. But there is one that is good. Hope. That was placed in the box by Athena. But when Pandora lets two popular girls open the box, everything is let out. Everything but Hope. The world is in disarray and there is no hope. And when Zeus trusts Pandora can get all the plagues back, her journey begins. If she does not succeed. All of the plagues will be with the earth for eternity. And she only has 6 moons. What will she do?


This book was good in the beginning and the middle, but the end was a disaster. It just suddenly stopped. It was like the author rushed the end.  She had only gotten one or two of the plagues. I do not think that I would read it again. What do                                                                                                         you think?????                                             Happy Reading!!!!!!