Outlaw by Stephen Davies


“A high-tension, high-tech thriller with an African setting.

Jake and his sister, Kas, whose father is the British ambassador to Burkina Faso, are abducted, bundled into a van, and driven into the unknown. In smartphone contact with his father, Jake learns that the kidnapper with the spider web tattoo is the remorseless outlaw Yakuuba Sor, who is connected to an international terrorist organization. But is he the real Yakuuba Sor? And is Sor really a dangerous criminal? In this fast-paced tale laced with trickery and murder, Jake and Kas discover that with the corrupt local government and British Intelligence arrayed against them, survival in the African desert may be the least of their problems. Includes an afterword.”

-From Amazon, Book Description


This book was exciting and really kept you entertained. It was definitely a page turner and a couldn’t put it down book. This book was by Stephen Davies who also wrote Hacking Timbuktu which was also a really great book.

The cover of this book was very similar to Hacking Timbuktu which was why I thought it may be a series, but unfortunately this was a completely different story. There were some similar story lines in a sense because there were the gadgets and there was some parkour in this book but that was the only similarity.

This book was set in modern-day as there were cell phones and some unmanned flying machine. I thought that this book portrayed life in Africa, where they was going back to visit his parents, was quite accurate and it showed what the life was like there. You also got to see both sides of life. The life of a diplomat and the life of eating gold leaf and then the life of an outlaw, hence the title.

The book is a definite read and I recommend you reading the other one of his books too.

Hope that you enjoy.