Noragami (2014-)


A minor god looks to gain recognition and uses the help of a girl while having conflicts with his Regalia.


So, I totally watched this entire season in 1 day. And to say I want more is an understatement. This is not some deep show where you have to concentrate, but it is light, gives quite a few laughs, has decent animations and is just overall fun to watch! There are some interesting underlying ideas behind the issues which the main characters have such as popularity, not fitting in and similar concepts.

Most likely a lot of anime lovers wouldn’t love this show due to the fact that it’s not a huge one, like Bleach or One Piece (with so many episodes I can’t even keep track), but I like that it’s smaller. It follows a god by the name of Yato and he wants to gain attention. In the show the people of Japan would pray to the gods before big events and call upon the gods for help for various things from wishing someone was dead to just passing a test. Yato wants to be called upon more and get more money so that he could have a shrine. Having a shrine means that you truly are a god as you have a place to have people worship you. As of now he resorts to putting his phone number on walls or bathroom stalls.

Yato, along with his Regalia (which is a spirit which he can use as a weapon), and his girl companion fight these creatures called Phantoms which are essentially dark spirits and they can corrupt people. The gods job is to keep the Phantoms in check and kill them off using their Regalias.

There is quite a lot of comedy in the show and it had me laughing quite hard. The show definitely is for 16 and up because of some of the jokes but nothing was terribly inappropriate like some animes can definitely be.

I also did quite like the opening theme song.

Overall I really did enjoy it and was sad that there was only one season so far so I’m hoping that they’re going to bring it back this year. Just have to hope!

Oh, and please watch it in Japanese with English sub titles. It’s much more authentic and you lose a lot of the feelings when you watch it in English. Believe me. I’ve spent time watching the same episode in English and Japanese and it’s honestly not the same. It is sometimes hard to keep up with the subtitles, but you will learn how to do it in time. But it really does change the experience a whole lot when you watch it in English!

Happy watching!