Noah’s Knits by Fiona Goble

Hot off the press is this new book Noah’s Knits by Fiona Goble.  Long time readers of this blog will know that we love Fiona Goble (HereHere, and Here). She is a really creative lady (just check out ALL the crafty books she has written), and handy with the knitting needles and appears to want to create little worlds in wool. However, even though she has been featured before we haven’t actually reviewed one of her books until today.

This is a charming little book (80 pages) with the story of Noah and the animals and 16 knitted projects, very helpful instructions showing you how to knit, change wool color, turn around, finish your little piece and add embellishments and finishing touches. The back of the book has an Ark with opening doors and ramp so you can set your animals out for display. How cool is that!!! Interspersed with the patterns is the story of Noah and his Ark and his poor long suffering wife, Mrs. Noah. Animals you can knit include African elephants and lions, Arctic polar bears and penguins and regular barnyard creatures like goats and pigs. As each of the projects is small they should be able to be completed relatively quickly…….of course this depends on knitting ability. Full disclosure – this review is of the book, not the accuracy of the patterns. As it will take a little time to organize time to attempt some of these projects you will have to wait a bit for this!!

With summer just around the corner (for readers in the Norther Hemisphere) this might just be the perfect project for those lazy days. What do you think???

Just in case you aren’t sure if knitting is cool enough for you, just check this out and see what an “in” thing it is!!!!