My Apologies

I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts for the past few weeks. University has begun and just before then I was preparing for university with lots and lots of shopping, per the American University experience.

And you’d think that during school, for your first week at least, you’d get light homework. But noooooo. I’ve already been working until sleep is a distant thing of the past.

My English course, and some of the readings for my other courses, look quite good this year so I’ll definitely be posting some of the readings I’m doing with reviews and possibly notes, if we need to take them!

In addition to that, in the next few days my copy of Archangels’ Enigma by Nalini Singh will be coming in and so I will be devouring that and then getting a review up ASAP with that one. So you can expect a review in the next week or so. M.O.M will be helping me run the blog until I get fully situated into my university life with homework and stuff with fun blog posts and such.

Please bear with me and hopefully MyLibraryCardWoreOut will be back up and running in the next few weeks or so!

Thank you!