The Mist by Stephen King


After the summer storm the mist arrives.

But it’s no ordinary mist.

Things are in there…creatures that want blood.

In this terror filled short story, Stephen King writes about a bunch of people stuck in a supermarket with nowhere to go, a store with the front covered by plate-glass, and a crazy religious lady.

What is in the mist?

Where did it come from?

Who will survive?

Will anyone?


Scary. This was a terrifying short story as you really got close to the characters and you really started to feel what they were feeling. I got scared and had to put it down quite a few times to take a break. Also this is not a good things to read just before you go to sleep (I learnt the hard way.)

Even though it is scary, it is still an amazing read. I absolutely loved it and I would definitely recommend it.

I cannot really say too much about it due to the fact it is so short. But I can say that the creatures are really terrifying, there is a lot of blood and gore talked about (all of which seems realistic), and there is a lot of swearing. But I think this all added to the effect of the book.

I definitely loved it but would recommend this book for people over the age of 15/16 due to the bad language and terror.

But please do check this out. You may find this book in Skeleton Crew which is a collection of his short stories. So if you cannot find this story alone, look for Skeleton Crew and it should be the first story.

Read this book, but next time, think again when you see that shadow in the mist. It may just be coming to get you.

the mist cover