Mischievous Kiss (2010-)

A.K.A. Playful Kiss on Netflix


Kim Joong Hyun  –  Beak Seung Jo
Jung So-min  –  Oh Ha Ni
Si-young Lee  –  Yoon He Ra


“Playful Kiss is a warm, bubbly drama about falling in love and growing up along the way. Oh Ha Ni, nicknamed “Noah’s snail” by her father and friends for her ability to keep trying even though she isn’t the brightest in the bunch, has one goal in mind: to capture the heart of school genius, Baek Seung Jo. After harboring an all-consuming crush for years, she finally gets up the courage to give him a letter confessing her feelings. Seung Jo, an icy perfectionist, coldly rejects her. When Ha Ni’s house is destroyed by an earthquake, she and her father move in with an old family friend?none other than Seung Jo’s father. Now, Ha Ni and Seung Jo must deal with the awkwardness of living under the same roof. Can one determined, warm-hearted high school girl melt the heart of this closed-off genius?”

-By Ha Ni on IMDB.com


This show was sooooo cute! Like it was adorable. It was definitely a romantic comedy although the romance that the viewers would want didn’t happen until much later in the season which was so annoying. It was honestly such a romantically frustrating show because of that too. I kept wanting Seung Jo and Ha Ni to get together but it took forever!!!

First off this show had an adorable theme song. You can tell a lot about a show from the theme song and since it’s got such a light theme song, you can tell it’s going to be a light an fluffy show.

Now this show was a romantic comedy and that was pretty much strictly all it was about. There were a few other themes such as growing up and going to university, but the majority of the show was just about romance which was cute as a lot of other shows have so much going on, or some do. But do not confuse this show with an anime or anything like that. It’s a Korean Drama and these shows of course usually don’t have much going on for the story line and are fluff to watch.

Playful Kiss' cover

There was a little bit of character development within the show, but for the most part Seung Jo pretty much remained cold through the entire show and Ha Ni continued to be cute and light and bubbly throughout the show which was nice. She was always so happy that you couldn’t help but smile whenever she was on the screen, which was most of the time.

Definitely towards the end of the show, when their relationship started to develop the emotions went up, big time. I was pretty much bawling towards the end, though I won’t tell you why.

Honestly, this was just a cute TV show and definitely one to check out if you have some time. You can find it on Netflix or some KDrama website where you can watch it for free. It does make most Top 10 Romantic Comedy Korean Drama’s so it is a good one to check out.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!