MAX CASSIDY Escape from Shadow Island

by Paul Adam

*Hot Off The Press*


He is only 14 and is a superstar. He is an escape artist. His name is Max Cassidy.
His mother is in jail, his father is dead.
But a man arrives, telling him that his mother is innocent and his father is not dead.
Trying to find the evidence he gets caugh and sent on an exciting adventure.
The only problems is, will he be able to escape out of this?


This book was just like the Alex Rider series. It seemed that Paul Adam (author of the book) must have read Alex Rider and James Bond. It was a mesh of both of the books. But it was good.
They ended the book so they can create a series (which I hope they do). It is a good read, not too too violent. Just a lot of escaping.

Hope you enjoy it.