Lyrec by Gregory Frost


Lovelorn Lyrec and wise-cracking Borregad have been companions through world after world, adventure after adventure.

They seek Lyrec’s lost lady, and vengeance for the obliteration of their homeworld. But the evil Miradomon is always one step ahead, leaving a dark trail of destruction behind him.

Crossing a chain of parallel universes, our heroes must take on new identities in each new world. In his latest incarnation, Lyrec has done quite well for himself. He is young, strong, handsome, skilled in the arts of war and song. Poor Borregad blew it. He’s stuck in the body of a cat. And Miradomon?

This time, he’s a god.



This was a strange book. I did not get very far with it as it was just so weird. This was a e-book which also added to the effect of not reading it. I hate reading e-books so I was instantly turned off. I would not have an e-book except for the fact I won it so that was the only reason why I had one.

There is not much that I can say about the book because I did not get very far into it, but from what I could tell it was very strange. This is also an old book as it came out in the mid-1900’s.

If you want you can give it a try but I would give this one a miss.