Lost In Yonkers

by Neil Simon


When two boys have to live with their “Frankenstein’s” Grandma, the boys learn some hard lessons. They at least learn something, but what about Bella. She seems a little, you know- closed for repairs. She has a learning problem and “she’s 35 years old and can make ice cream sundays. They don’t give you a high school diploma for getting the cherry on top on top of the whipped cream.” Luckily for her, Grandma owns a candy store and she makes the ice cream sundays. But when Bella makes a big announcement to the boys and the family, the tide changes drastically.


This was a really funny PLAY. Yes I said play because it is in play form but it was easy to follow and I think that any one would like it. There are some rude remarks like “You’ve got balls kid.” and “Look in your pants.” and “You’ve got balls made of steel kid. You have basketballs.” There are a couple more along those lines but there is nothing really inappropriate as such. Just some rude remarks. There have some language, but nothing that a 11 or 12 year old would not have heard (not that I am saying rude words are good.) I think it would be a one time read but it was still pretty funny.

Hope that you enjoy it too!!!!!