Like, WOW!!!

So, as the name of this blog is My Library Card Wore Out you can probably guess that I use the library a lot. A LOT.

Of course, to borrow books.

And movies.

And sometimes game programs.

And sometimes cd’s.

The library is a wonderful place. (My local library also has fish……but that is for another day).

But there is something else going on in the library. Something sort of secret (well not really if you read the library newsletter, but most people don’t seem to pay attention to things like that). Something special.

And you need a library card to do it.

But you don’t need to go to the library for it.

Can you guess what it is????????????????

Any ideas????

Freegal Music.


You can download music – for free. For FREE!!!

And it’s legal.

All you need is your library card number and you get 3 song downloads each week.

For free.

And did I mention it is legal?

If you use your card, your mother’s, your father’s, your sister’s, your brother’s you have an entire cd. Each week. Free. Legal!!

The catalog of music is growing all the time and it is good.

So, hop on over to your local library and see if yours participates in this. If not stop into the library directors office and smile sweetly and ask. Beg. Plead.

Thank you Barbara.


Here is some of the music so far ~
Adele (luscious voice)
Imogen Heap (ditto)
John Legend
Glee Cast
Bobby Vinton (great cooking music M.O.M. says)
Sarah McLaughlin

and that’s just for starters!