Legion (2010)

Legion movie coverStarring

Paul Bettany – Michael
Lucas Black – Jeep Hanson
Tyrese Gibson – Kyle Williams
Adrianne Palicki – Charlie
Charles S. Dutton – Percy Walker
Kevin Durand – Gabriel


“At a remote desert truck stop, the fate of the world will be decided. Evil’s armies are amassing. Armed and united by the Archangel Michael, a group of strangers become unwitting soldiers on the frontlines of the Apocalypse. Their mission: protect a waitress and her sacred unborn child from the relentless, bloody siege of the demonic legion.”

-From Amazon.com


So I’ve seen this movie a few times, but on my computer, and I must not have viewed the entire movie through, like I skipped around through the movie (as it is quite intense) so apparently I missed huge chunks of it. But I finally watched it all the way through, and survived, and I have to say it was quite a good movie. Though it did end in a way that makes me really want to have a second movie come out, though I doubt that that is going to happen, sadly. BUT! They are making a second Incredibles after 12 years, so I have until 2022 to hope. They ended it in a way that you just want some questions answered and the story to continue because there were so many ways that the movie could have been taken.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable movie. The idea behind it was kind of the idea behind other movies to do with demons (or maybe books, not sure because I blend everything together nowadays) but they twisted it in a way that was an original idea.

The theme of the movie was, essentially, a quote which Michael said.

“You’ll give him what he asks for. I’ll give him what he needs.”

And it was essentially about how Michael and Gabriel were trying to carry out Gods orders due to a child and the different ways that they went for it. God had apparently lost faith in humanity though Michael still saw humanity as it had been when it was created, even though their was evil within the world.

I will say that it was quite a tense movie and there were a lot of F-bombs throughout it. There was also quite a good amount of violence and blood. And it was very, very dark. The entire movie, when there was brightness, was in a sepia kind of color, but the majority of it was filmed at night.

Sex wasn’t an issue in the movie, but it definitely was a violent R and it was extremely nail-biting. So this is definitely a 18 of older movie. But with modern day teens, I guess 16. But I’m old-fashioned so I’ll stick with the 18 or older personally.

It was definitely a good movie, but I wouldn’t watch it more than about 5 times or so due to the fact that the storyline really didn’t leave a lot to watch again for, but it was a good movie to watch once in a while. Maybe once a year around halloween or something.