Last Day Of September

Oh dear, where did the summer go? Last day of September, tomorrow it’s October, Halloween is fast approaching, rapidly followed by the end of the year. Scary.

However, the best part if that it is cool, you need sweaters and it is time to curl up with a book. Or plural, books…. lots of them. Reading season is here. The long evenings and quiet times are back. Nothing better than hunkering down in the cool than with a new (or old) friend. What are you planning to read? Any saved specials? Now might be the time for the bigger ones….(.War And Peace anyone?). Now is the time to plan your autumn reading, winter reading, snow reading. Take a moment today and think what might be your to read list. Make a commitment: let MLCWO be the soap box where you state your goals and share your intentions. What are you planning to read? What will dark nights and cozy fires inspire you to read?

And to put you in the mood take a moment to get in the spirit here with this wonderful seasonal piece.

Happy reading everyone!