L M Montgomery Has A Google Doodle!

What young girl hasn’t started her reading career with a dip into the world of Anne Shirley?  The carrot haired, impetuous heroine who almost wrought havoc to Prince Edward Island, introduced us to loving difficult people through Mirella, left us dreaming of kindred spirits and  Gilbert  Blythe. The wonderful and addictive writing of Lucy Maud Montgomery hooked generations of young readers to her books and allowed us to enter the world of Anne.

It is fitting that on the occasion of her 141st birthday Google has devoted a Doodle to her. And a wonderful one it is too. Offering a gentle reflection into a world gone by the doodle by Olivia Huynh depicts some scenes from the books.

Google Doodle of Anne Of Green Gables


It is also worth noting that November 30 is also Saint Andrew’s Day, the national day of Scotland. The land of castles, kilts, bagpipes and haggis. To name just a few. And to commemorate this there is another Google Doodle. Featuring the Loch Ness Monster. Yes, that one. Unfortunately it is only viewable in the UK but nevertheless you can see it here!

Google Doodle For Saint Andrews Day featuring the Loch Ness Sea Monster

Who knew that November 30 was such a busy day? Take a moment to celebrate!