Kubo and the Two String (2016)


Charlize Theron – Monkey (voice)
Art Parkinson – Kubo (voice)
Ralph Finnes – Moon King (voice)
George Takei – Hosato (voice)
Matthew McConaughey – Beatle (voice)

kubo and the two strings
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“A young boy with the gift of telling fantastical stories is sent on a mystical quest to discover his family’s magical legacy. Starring Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey.”

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Now, this was something new this year. I mean come on, watching this you think it is some form of animation right? Nope, it’s 3D stop-motion! That’s awesome! Last time I saw something like this was The Boxtrolls¬†and that one really did look more like that. This one looked like animation and it was such a fantastic story. It was like a legend as it kind of was, and it kept coming back to that idea through the entire movie.

This one had me tearing up as well because of the entire premise. If you were a younger child watching this you would find it so cute and an awesome movie, and as an adult you find it all of that but you also understand there is so much more going on in the movie and it was really quite moving.

Besides it being moving, it was just incredibly well done. There was character development, epic travels and a really fantastic story. It was also based in ancient Japan which was really cool as well. It kept alluring to it as well with the sunsets which kind of resembled the Japanese flag which was quite creative as well.

I mean this is one of those movies that will bring you back to your childhood because it’s an animation but it was deep enough that someone from every age will find something enjoyable. It kind of reminded me of Kung-Fu Panda¬†just because of what was happening but it was completely unique in it’s own way and there was a common theme running through the entire movie.

I really do recommend this movie as it was fantastically well done.

So enjoy and let me know what you think!