King Matt the First

by Janusz Korczak
Translated by Richard Lourie


His parents are dead and he is probably the youngest king to ever rule. He thinks that he can do a good job but the ministers and others in his kingdom think that he cannot do it. The only problems is that he has to prove them wrong. And the only friend that he has is Felek, the son of a platoon leader. With the help of Felek and some other friends, he makes his rule good. Until a war comes and then he has a bit of a problem. The only question is “to be or not to be!”


I didn’t think that this book was going to be good. My mom showed it to me and I thought that it was either going to be too mature for me or it was going to be too babyish for me. It is a big book, maybe 300 pages but I have to say it was really good. I would definitely recommend reading it. The only thing that annoyed me was that it was a cliff hanger. It just ended suddenly. Janusz Korczak, the author is dead and unfortunately there is not a follow on. So this books just ends and you do not know what ever happens to the king. This book was really good and I would definitely recommend reading it, but I just have to warn you, you are left wondering.

*Janusz Korczak was a Polish physician and educator who wrote over twenty books–his fiction was in his time as well known as Peter Pan, and his nonfiction works bore passionate messages of child advocacy. During World War II, the Jewish orphanage he directed was relocated to the Warsaw ghetto. Although Korczak’s celebrity afforded him many chances to escape, he refused to abandon the children. He was killed at Treblinka along with the children.