Johnny English

“Fun, fun, fun. A hilarious comedy.”
-Jim Ferguson, ABC-TV


“He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows….nothing.” When the Crown and Jewels are stolen from Her Majesty, there is only one person who will do the job. Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson.) He is the only Secret Agent in the country left (literally!) for the job. He thinks it is a ominous business man (John Malkovich) or a beautiful woman (Natalie Imbruglia) because she has an interest in what he is doing. Can this clueless, hapless, agent save his country with his side-kick/helper (who is smarter than him)? And doing it without denting his new super-cool Astin Martin spy car?????


This movie is hilarious. This movie makes your sides hurt because you laugh so much.

Sexual Content:
Naked bottom, tattoo on bottom, some sexual talk
Some strong language used. Very brief and scarce.
1 Hr. 28 Minutes

Released in 2004 so look for it at your local library.

Here is a preview for the movie.