John Wick (2014)


Keanu Reeves – John Wick
Michael Nyqvist – Viggo Tarasov
Alfie Allen – Iosef Tarasov
Willem Dafoe – Markus

John Wick movie trailer


“An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.”



This movie was SO good! And like it may be one of my new favorite movies. It had a fantastic story, great acting, amazing fight sequences and overall was badass as hell.

First off, it was a mafia movie and those movies aren’t terribly popular anymore. If they are they are usually unrealistic and all hollywoodized. And while this was of course like that, there was a lot to it which was similar to what happens in mobs in real life with the whole you can never get out and if you ever somehow do get out, if you touch the old life, you will be dragged back in.

I also really liked how in the action sequences, even though John Wick was really good, he would never come out unscathed as he wasn’t perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes he was shot, something he had the absolute shit beaten out of him, which sucks, but makes the movie a little more realistic. The action sequences were also beyond epic. An example is the scene just below this, but a warning it is very violent.

It was also interesting how the entire movie was about a dog. I won’t say how as it’s an important part of the story, but watch it and you’ll find out.

The cinematography was also amazing as well. The entire movie was done with this blue/green tinge which kind of added an aspect to the movie. So there were no sunny scenes. The only pop of color which you got was red as the mafia was known as the Red Circle. Kinda cool.

Overall I do recommend this movie. It is for 18 and older as it is an R because of the violence and there was a lot of it. Also a lot of heavy swearing. F-words were used left, right and center. Of course it wasn’t stupid placement as what was going on did warrant the words, but still, viewer discretion is advised.

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Happy watching!