Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

I saw this as a blog post prompt (which is a new feature on WordPress) and I could not pass it up. I am a book person so I had to answer.

So, is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

My opinion is that books are usually better than the movie. But a few exceptions which I can think of are Harry Potter (which was really equal with the book), How To Train Your Dragon, and The Chronicles of Narnia (the 3 of them). There are many other books which are better than movies though. You had to give credit to the director though because creating the exact characters which the author wanted is hard. They did it well in Harry Potter and the Twilight series. They also did pretty well in I Am Number Four, but some movies are just not at the same standard. They try, but they just fall short. I am not saying that they are not enjoyable to watch, they just may not be as close to the book as they could have been. But directs have to work with what they got. They cannot make a movie 4 hours long if it is a short book. They also cannot take a 1,000 page book and make a 4 hour movie out of it either. They did it with Harry Potter but that was because it was such a popular book. The directors and producers would not spend that much money to make a movie when it does not sell big in the box office.

But that is my opinion. What are you opinions? Please, let me know.