Irene is Gone!

Well, Irene was not as bad as it was predicted to be and I am extremely happy about that. Unfortunately I did not get to read as much as I thought because the entire time I, with my parents, were watching the windows to make sure that no trees came crashing threw the window (we have about 4 un-sturdy trees so I was extremely nervous.) But I did get some pictures. They are not great because we did not get a lot of flooding. My town though is completely out of power with the fire house, police house, and Borough Hall out too. We also had emergency workers at the transformer next door because it was sparking and a tree caught on fire. Only 4 lost power but there is still time because they cannot come for 48 hours to fix it so there is still time to lose it. But the emergency workers told us that our town was completely underwater and bridges had been washed out. You would not have known that it was so bad where I live but obviously my town got the brunt of it. But it was exciting watching this transformer go because I had never seen that happen before. I had heard them blow but never on fire. We had one of the army’s water vehicles come with barricades so you cannot drive down that stretch of road because if the cable falls we will have 13,000 volts lying on the ground. I took a few pictures so when I have time to download it I will share it. But let me share with you some pictures of some other places who were quite badly hit.