Irene is Coming!!!!!!!

Well, unfortunately I am in the path of this terrible hurricane Irene. We are all just hoping for the best. But it is said that we may lose power (actually that we probably will lose power) for a few days or up to a week or so. So I wanted to do this post to apologize that I will not be able to post. Since there will be no posting and probably no electronics, there will be a lot of reviews to be done when I get my power back. Below is an image of how big the storm is. The red parts indicate the worst of the storm.

I believe that my area is only going to be getting like 10-12 inches of rain and like 40-80 miles an hour wind, but it may be worse. It is a category 1 hurricane so the wind could go up to 100 mph and the rain to about 2 feet. Everyone is getting ready to bunker down. But my blog will still be here when I get back from being in the basement (we have a lot of windows so we are afraid of debris.) Wish us all luck on the East Coat. But otherwise you will be hearing from me later.