Interview’s With Me


These are some interview which I have done so far. Hope that you like them and check the people’s blogs. They are really good.

My answers for Presenting Lenore

Click here to see her blog and click here to see the interview on her blog.

“Tell us a bit about your book blog: What made you decide to start your blog? What genres do you cover? Favorite posts?
I wanted to start a book blog because I was so in love with books and wanted to share my love of books with others. I also thought blogs were really cool. Not one of my friends had one and I wanted to be the first.  So what I did was I talked to my mom about a name and we came up with Book Worm, Book Lover and others but they were all taken. Then my mom suggested “MyLibraryCardWoreOut.” I liked the name and obviously no one had it, so I used it. I also wanted to start a blog because I hoped it would make my friends feel jealous. Silly thing to start it for, and it turned out that no one really cared, but I didn’t mind because I was having fun with my blog. I liked sharing my thoughts and all that.

I cover YA books mostly. Anything that a young to older teen might enjoy. I also do fun book related things like fun facts about books, or fun information about books and each Friday (FunDay Friday) I do a post that is normally a video that is funny. It is normally off the topic of books. I also do Books to Movies. They are fun to do because that means I get to watch a whole lot of movies sometimes.

I like all of my posts but my Top Ten Must Read YA Books is one of my favorites.

What is a book reading experience that really stands out in your mind?
Night by Elie Wiesel. This book was about WWII and we had to read it in school. This book was touching and I just could not put it down. I did cry reading this book because what I was reading was all true. Elie Wiesel was in a concentration camp and it was all about his experiences. It was really a powerful book and I would recommend anyone to read it if they wanted to read a powerful and life changing book.

Let’s say someone asks you to recommend a few book blogs to them. Which blogs come to mind immediately?
In Bed With Books

Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books

YA Books Central Blog

Who is someone you really appreciate?
I really appreciate my mother because she has helped me with my blog. When I am stuck for an idea she always had a bank of them in her head. She is currently a guest blogger on my blog (M.O.M; My Own Mother) but hopefully in the next month she will become a full contributor. She also reads YA books sometimes so she does posts on those type of books too. She also helps me out with all my blog problems. She also is my editor. Without her, my posts would have some spelling or punctuation errors. Without her my blog might not be as good as it currently is.

Obligatory cat gushing! Tell us about your gorgeous cats and share a picture!
The indoor cat is Merlin and the outdoor cat is Harry. My indoor cat cannot go out because he has a heart problem and his tough goes blue when he runs outside so he is strictly indoor only. Merlin is currently 5 years old and Harry is about 8 or 9. Merlin still acts like a little baby and he is the only cat I or my parents have had that actually bathes us. Hands, face, feet. The whole bath. If he is in his loving mood, we sometimes don’t need a shower at the end of the day he bathes us so much (but of course we do). My outdoor cat is a big marshmallow and I do not mean he is fat. If you can stroke him (which is normally, just sometimes he is skittish) he will start drooling (literally) and purr and rarely (and this has only every happened with my dad and I) he might do a quick lick to the hand. They are both my little babies and we all love them so much so that I think I give Merlin too many kitty treats.”

My Answers for Parenthetical

Click here to see her blog and click here to see the interview on her blog.

“What are your 5 favorite books of all time?
Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck Ed.: I’d never heard of this one! It’s added to my reading list.
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Alex Rider Series (because I just cannot pick one)
The Princess Bride by William Goldman Ed.: Nice; a definite classic.

Which book character would you choose to come live with you in our world and why?
Alex Rider from Anthony Horowtiz’s Alex Rider series because I think that his character is so much fun and he can do so many things. I also think that it would be fun to be friends with someone who works with the MI6, don’t you?
Ed.: If he wouldn’t have to kill me for knowing too much!

You have $10,000 to give to a person or organization. Who gets the money and why?
I would give the money to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as I feel they are doing an honorable thing. They rescue orphaned elephants mostly but they also rescue rhinos and help get them better. I currently am the foster parent of two baby elephants named SHUKURU and MAKARETI and I would want to give the money to that trust as I feel that they organization is amazing.

You can go spend the summer anywhere you want. Where are you headed?
I would want to head out to Greece and Italy because I want to visit the historical places and try and translate the Latin text as Latin is currently my favorite and best subject.

What piece of advice would you give yourself of two years ago?
I would tell myself to get my act together with organizing. It took a lot of effort for me to get organized

Who’s your biggest book crush?
Well, this is a hard one. I have read so many books with great characters who I would love to be my love :). It is hard to choose between Ren and Kishan from Tigers Curse but I may even throw in Alex Rider. :)

If you could do 5 really expensive things or own 5 really expensive items what would they be? (I had so much fun thinking about that, I figured you should get the chance, too!)
1. I would want to buy a really large house
2. I would want to fill the entire house with books
3. I would want to get myself some cats to keep my company
4. I would want to travel around the world (or maybe to space – don’t know which one to choose)
5. I would want to travel out to Africa and have a tour of there and visit the exotic animals.

What TV show do you have to watch every week?

I currently have to watch Terra Nova which is on FOX every Monday night at 8. But if I got CW I would want to watch The Vampire Diaries. I would also watch Hawaii Five-0 (2010) if I could stay up that late.
Then there are the old TV shows which I still watch such as Stargate: Atlantis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. So yeah. A little dose of all of those and I am good to go. Ed.: Yay people still watch Buffy!

It’s your birthday! How are you going to celebrate?
I would want to spend time with my entire family and go out to dinner to The Moss Nook in Cheshire, England.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to fly on over to England and visit my entire family and I get to catch up with everyone.

What 5 websites do you spend the most time on?
Well, this is hard to figure out as I spend WAY too much time online (my mother keeps reinforcing that point.)
Well I love which is a great gaming website but do not go on there as frequently as I used to. I spend a lot of time on Facebook but I have started managing my time. I spend a lot of time on YouTube listening to music. I go onto places like CBS, NBC, CWTV, NICK (I know I still like some Nick shows :) ) and watch re-runs of some TV shows.
I also spend an insane amount of time on my blog writing and deleting and re-writing posts.”

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