Interesting New Blogs I Found

So I was recently looking around the internet at a few book blogs, from anything from YA to adult romance and more. Now, I’m quite picky with what I like to read. It needs to have a pleasing format, good font, and decent writing. As well as obviously good books.

And I stumbled across two new ones yesterday.

The first one is The Y.A. Bookworm Blogger which is run by a 18 year old blogger who blogs about books as well as doing video blogs. It’s really a nice blog and I will definitely be following her.

The second was Aestas Book Blog which is an adult romance book blog. This is perfect for finding some decent books to read that are of adult romance quality because just turning up at Barnes and Nobel isn’t really doing it for me anymore.

So definitely check these two out! The first one is YA oriented while the second is definitely for adults and a more mature audience.

You can find all the blogs I follow (currently only 4) on this page on my blog.

Enjoy and happy reading!