Interesting-Book-Related-Thing Saturday

This week I decided to do something a little different for my interesting book related thing Saturday. I decided to do a book cover. I have noticed, while I walk around my library, how many interesting covers there are on books. So I thought I would pick a few and share them. Today’s cover is Tiger’s Curse because it is the most recently read book and it has a lovely cover. That picture above does not describe how beautiful the cover is. The cover actually shimmers. Let me go into detail as to what is on the cover.

The image has bordered top edges. This gives the viewer a sense that the top of the book ends. But the bottom just seems to go on and on. The white tiger seems to be peeking through some mist and a shroud. This is referring to the book because the tiger is hidden for a long time and you do not find out everything about him until the end. And then you still do not. The blue eyes add to the effect of the cover because they are sky blue and they are what stands out on the tiger. Also in the background, there are some intricate designs. This reminds me of Henna and also some of the designs on the god statues in the book. To really appreciate its beauty you have to hold it in person. If you do not want to read this book, even though I do recommend it, Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck has a captivating cover and that was what initially made me pick the book up. Without that cover I might never have found such and amazing book. So please, check this book out and enjoy.

Click here to visit Colleen Houcks website and you can read a preview of the first 7 chapters.