If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late by Pseudonymous Bosch

Yes I know that Pseudonymous Bosh (PB) would not approve of my reviewing this book (because of the secret) but I just cannot help myself. I love this book and I really think that you (as in people who read my blog) will too. I know that PB will not approve of this but……….I just cannot help myself.

This book is a follow on from the last book The Name Of This Book Is SECRET.


xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx x xx xxxxx xxxx x xxx. xxxxx x xxxxxx x xxxxxx x xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx x. xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxx. xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx. xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx. xxxx xxxx xxx x xxx x. xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx. xxxx xxxxx x xxxxx xxx x xx x x  x xxxxxx xxxxx. xxxxx x xxxxx x xxxx x xxx xx x xxxxxxxx. xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx x xxxxx.


I know that the summary is all X’s and that is because knowing me I would give all of the secrets away. I am the type of person who will tell you that the name of the main characters are Cass and Max-Earnest  and…………



I just did it again. I TOLD YOU THE NAMES OF THE MAIN



OK. OK. I have got to calm down. I know that PB tells you them in the book but you have to sign a promise in the beginning. I did not make one. You did not sign a promise. OK will you just do this for me.

This is our little promise.

I _______________________ will not tell ANYONE the names of the characters that MyLibraryCardWoreOut just disclosed.

If I do I will never again read MyLibraryCardWoreOuts blog.

Sign this line for me.


Thank you very much. Now what ever I tell you about PB’s books are only between you, me, and the computer.


This book is full of surprises (and secrets.) Every time you turn a page you do not know what to expect. At one point in the book I thought one thing was going to happen but something totally different happened. This is a really GREAT book and I just hope Pseudonymous Bosh keeps writing.

Happy Reading!!!!!!