I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore Lorien Legacies

“Three Are Dead. I Am Number Four.”

I wanted to see the movie I Am Number Four  but didn’t make it to the movies in time.  I need to get the DVD and  Netflix has a long wait for it. So, I decided that if I couldn’t watch it just yet, I could read it. I didn’t know there was a book until the other week when I was in Barnes and Noble and saw it sitting on the shelf.  So I ran off to the library and 3 days ago I got it and gobbled it up really fast.

This book was about a boy – Number Four – who was the next one on the enemies hit list. Number Four is from a different planet and his is the last of his people.  The enemies were also from a different planet and they were trying to completely wipe out the Lorien – his planet and home – race. There were only 9 remaining and three were dead. Number Four did have a name in the book but he changed it every single time he moved. So the story was originally about his love for this girl and that was how the story was going. But as the story progressed it changed and turned to the enemies and how they were coming for him.

The story, I thought, was going to be a little more exciting and I though that there would be more to it. The ending was just one big fight  and that whole thing was put into about a chapter. Suddenly towards the end of the book a new important character arrived. The last couple of chapters were boom, boom, boom, boom – one thing after another and it got kind of confusing. While I was reading the book I would not have thought it was about an alien race because Number Four seemed so, well, human.

Number Four was described well with his build and how he looked. The characters in this book were described well too. I could picture them all in my mind as I was reading it.

This book was sad as one of the main characters died and it was a sad way to die (can’t tell you how he died). You felt the pain of some of the people in this book. This book was good as it did have a good story line and it kept you entertained so  I would definitely recommend  reading it. But do read the book first before you see the movie because from the trailer I can see that it is a little different from the book.

Enjoy the book and tell me what you though of it. What is your opinion on the book?

The movie review will be coming up soon.